Curricular Practical Training

Overview of CPT

CPT is defined as an integral part of an established curriculum and directly related to the student's major area of study, including “alternate work/study, internship, cooperative education, or any other type of required internship or practicum which is offered by sponsoring employers through cooperative agreements with the school. In brief terms, integral part of an established curriculum means an internship/CPT opportunity must be required by the curriculum or, if the opportunity is not required for a student, the student must receive credit for the training (CPT) that will count towards completion of the degree (must fulfill an elective or mandatory credit that counts towards degree requirements).


Eligibility Criteria for CPT

  1. Students that have been lawfully enrolled full-time for one academic year may apply to participate in CPT. However, graduate students in programs that include immediate, mandatory training are not bound by the one academic year in full-time status requirement.
  2. You must have an offer of employment that qualifies for CPT by establishing that the proposed employment is either a degree requirement for all students in your program or that you will receive academic credit based on your proposed CPT experience (must be stated as such in the TAMU-CC Catalogue).
  3. CPT will not be granted to students who have finished the program requirements and who are merely delaying graduation to make use of CPT.
  4. F-1 students must continue to pursue a full course of study while on CPT, which can be authorized full-time during the annual vacation (summer) and part-time (20 hours a week or less) during the spring and fall of the academic year. CPT is authorized on a semester basis.


Additional information for CPT


  1. Students in English language program are ineligible for CPT.
  2. If you plan on applying for CPT in your last semester, you must have at least one remaining degree-required course to register along with your internship credit.
  3. Undergraduate students requesting CPT must have declared their major before requesting CPT authorization. Any CPT request must meet the academic requirements of the major area of study.
  4. You are authorized to work for specific dates of employment on your I-20. You may not begin before the start date or continue working after the end date.
  5. Since CPT is employer specific, you can only work for the company that is listed on your I-20. You can be approved for only one CPT at a time.
  6. Because CPT must meet academic requirements and students will be receiving university credit and a grade for the internship, the internship may not begin earlier than the first class day of the semester, and must end no later than the last day of the regular semester. Furthermore, since the internship is considered an integral part of a for-credit university course, CPT cannot be authorized after the academic add/drop period is over.
  7. A student planning on transferring from TAMU-CC who are authorized for CPT may continue to work at the approved CPT until the transfer release date. If the student wants to continue with the employment through CPT at the transfer in school, authorization must be received from the student’s new school.


Application steps for CPT


  1. Meet OIE advisor and department academic advisor to discuss the CPT opportunities for your degree and requirements.
  2. Student secures an internship offer.
  3. Meet with department academic advisor or program coordinator with employment offer letter and OIE CPT Application Form.
  4. Department academic advisor or program coordinator completes and signs OIE CPT Application Form according to the instructions.
  5. Student registers for internship course during registration period.
  6. Make an appointment to see an OIE advisor and bring the following documents with you:

a. Completed CPT Application form

b. Official letter of offer from the employer on the employer’s official letterhead with original signature with the following  information:

  • Job title
  • Start and end dates of internship. The dates must correspond to our academic calendar.
  • Salary
  • Number of hours per week to work
  • Full address and contact information of employer
  • Description of the training, the name, phone number, and e-mail address of the supervisor.

c. Proof of internship credit enrolled or proof of internship opportunity is required by the TAMU-CC curriculum

d. Passport

e. Copy of I-94

f. Current I-20

g. Visa

    7. Return to OIE in 3-5 business days to pick up the CPT authorization I-20.