Discover Your Island

OIE Photo Contest Fall 2018

Celebrations around the World


We all know that this island is a special place for all of us. What makes this island even more special is the diversity of our students. The intermingling of cultures and value systems brings with it a wave of love, happiness, and hope. This Fall, we at the Office of International Education invite our students to share photos highlighting celebrations from their cultures that fill their lives with zeal and enthusiasm. Photos should touch on one or more of the following categories: 

  • A photo depicting celebrations/holidays in your culture.
  • The photo can contain one or more of the following from your culture: Festivals, weddings, birthdays, or any holidays or other special occasions.
  • You can also provide us with a photo that you took during a vacation of a different culture than yours.


Must be a currently enrolled TAMU-CC Student within one or more of the following categories:

  • Current International Students
  • TAMU-CC Study Abroad Alumni
  • Students involved with international student organizations
  • Students who participated in other international experiences as a TAMU-CC student
  • Members of International Clubs

How To Prepare Your Photo?

1. Photo

  • One entry or photo per participant.
  • Photo size should be no larger than 1200x630 pixels (optimized size for Facebook posts).
  • Photo format should be a common image format such as a JPG, PNG, etc. and of the highest resolution available to you (ideally 300 dpi).
2. Photo Caption

Every photo needs description, explanation, or caption (15 to 50 words) to help voters understand the photo.

3. Photo Release Form

Every photo submission participant must complete and submit a photo release consent form. Download and Sign in Photo Contest Entry Release Form (PCF). By signing in this form, participants grant the Office of International Education the right to use, reproduce and publish the photographs for the contest and other promotional purposes. 

How To Submit Your Photo?

  • All participants must submit the entry requirements/documents electronically via email
  • Use the following Subject Line: International Student Photo Contest Fall 2018 – (your name).
  • Your email should include short introduction of yourself and the caption for your photo.
  • Submission Start date and Deadline: 09/26/2018 - 11/12/2018 (5 PM – CST)


  • Votes can be sent to our email, once we have received all the entries and the once they have been posted on the OIE Facebook page after 11/12/2018 (5:00 PM – CST).
  • Winners will be decided on the basis of the votes entered for their entries. Once the votes are received, a committee will review the highest voted entries and announce the winners.
  • Winners will be announced on the OIE Facebook page and the OIE website. An email will be sent to the winners to make sure they receive their awards.


Awards/Prizes will consist of:

  • One 1st prize: $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • One 2nd prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • One 3rd prize: $30 Amazon Gift Card

The winners and their images will also be featured on the OIE website and OIE Facebook page.

Important deadlines

  • Deadline for entry: 11/12/2018 (5:00 PM – CST).