Pre-Arrival Information


SevisOnce You Are Admitted to the University you will receive your SEVIS I-20, please review this document and verify that the information presented is correct.  Please contact the U.S. Consulate’s Office in your country for information regarding the items that need to be included in your application for an F-1 visa and to set an appointment if you are traveling from outside the U.S. 

Please note that you will not be allowed to enter the U.S. if you appear at a port of entry sooner than 30 days prior to your program start as dated on line #5 of your I-20.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department requires that a SEVIS1-901 Fee Form is completed and a $200.00 fee is paid by non-immigrants seeking an F-1 student visa.  The form should be completed and the fee paid on-line prior to your request for a visa interview from the U.S. Consulate.  Visit U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for frequently asked questions. 

Affidavit of Support: Undergraduate and graduate students must provide an affidavit of support (click here) and a current bank statement indicating the balance in US dollars prior to the U.S. Consular interview. The balance must be NO LESS than $25,300 for graduate students and NO LESS than $29,300 for undergraduate students. Please be aware that these figures may change without prior notice.

I-20’s are issued with the affidavit amount as follows: For a graduate student, the total amount for one year of study at the out-of-state rate is $25,300. For an undergrad, the total amount for one year of study at the out-of-state rate is $29,300. If a student is offered an assistantship or a scholarship then the amount printed on the I-20 will reflect this reduced amount. 

Agent Listing: A directory of approved international agents listed by name, contact person(s) and country can be found at the following site.